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Republic of India


Population (July 2011 est.): 1,189,172,906

Economic Indicators (2010 est.):
GDP (PPP): US$4.06 trillion
GDP per capita (PPP): US$3,500

HIV estimates:
Number of people living with HIV (2009): 2,400,000
Adult (15-49) Prevalence Rate (2009): 0.3%
Women (15+) with HIV (2009): 880,000
AIDS deaths (2009): 270,000 - 170,000

Various sources, including UNAIDS.

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Published Resources


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See also

  • UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, On the Front Line: A Review of Policies and Programmes to address HIV/AIDS among Peacekeepers and Uniformed Services, UNAIDS Series: Engaging uniformed services in the fight against AIDS, UNAIDS, New York, 2005, 42 pp. [ PDF File | Details... ]

Sources used to compile this entry: UNAIDS; World Bank World Development Indicators Database.

Prepared by: susan chong