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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
HIV and Drug Use: Community Responses to Injecting Drug Use and HIV: Good Practise Guide
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Hove, June 2010, 100 pp

The following group created the first draft of this report: Umesh Sharma, International HIV/AIDS Alliance; Sonal Mehta, Alliance India; Wang Jing, Alliance China; Vlodomir Chura, Alliance Ukraine; Choub Sok Chamreun, Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance (Khana); Ann Fordham, International HIV/AIDS Alliance; Susie McLean, International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The process of developing and refining this guide was co-ordinated by Susie McLean, International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.


“This guide is one in a series of Good Practice Guides produced by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance). This series brings together expertise from our global community-level HIV programming to define and guide good practice in a range of technical areas, including: Human rights and GIPA, Research, evaluation and documentation, HIV prevention, Integration of sexual and reproductive health, HIV and rights, HIV and tuberculosis, HIV programming for children, HIV and drug use, Programme cycle management.”

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