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UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, IDLO - International Development Law Organisation
Scaling Up HIV-Related Legal Services: Report of Case Studies: Ukraine, Kenya, and India
IDLO and UNAIDS, Rome and Geneva, 8 July 2010, 57 pp

"This report was written by John Godwin, legal consultant, based on field research undertaken by John Godwin and Milton Castelen (Kenya); Asela Kalugampitiya (India), and Leah Utyasheva (Ukraine.)


"The objective of this study was to analyse and describe the three selected HIV-related legal services in terms of their programmatic components and elements related to quality, monitoring, evaluation, capacity development and expansion of these services. The purpose was to provide data that may be helpful to officials and community representatives in national HIV programmes, Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms and other agencies who may be interested in options for establishing or expanding HIV-related legal services in their country...The case studies were selected from India, Kenya and Ukraine... [and] seek to describe different approaches to delivery of HIV-related legal services."

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