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AFAO, National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS, ASHM, National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research, ARCSHS, Scarlet Alliance, Albion Street Centre, ACON, Positive Life (NSW), HIV/AIDS Legal Centre and Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
Joint Submission of Twelve HIV Expert Agencies on the Public Health Bill 2010 Consultation Draft: Section 76: Persons with Sexually Transmitted Diseases to Inform Sexual Partners
April 2010, 21 pp
Url 2010JSNSW_public%20health%20%20bill_coalition_disclosure_submission%20_2_.pdf

"This coalition of HIV expert agencies has come together specifically to communicate to NSW Health our uniform belief that the legal requirement for HIV-positive people to disclose their HIV status prior to ‘sexual intercourse’ (as expressed in Section 76 of the draft Bill) is highly problematic. The coalition submits section 76 should be removed because its application is antithetical to the accepted norms of Australian public health practice based on sophisticated scientific and epidemiological research, and out of touch with the scientific and service
provider understanding of sexual behaviour. Most importantly, the legislation would inevitably be applied inequitably or inconsistently, and decisions to pursue charges would be
unacceptably arbitrary."

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