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Gould, Helen
What's Culture Got to do with HIV and AIDS? Why the Global Strategy for HIV and AIDS Needs to Adopt a Cultural Approach
Description of Work
Healthlink Worldwide Findings Paper No. 7 February 2007
Healthlink Worldwide, London, February 2007, 8 pp

"This Findings paper was written by Helen Gould of Creative Exchange based on research prepared by Marsh Marsh and Judy El Bushra for the international research project HIV/AIDS: The Creative Challenge."


"This paper reports the initial findings from HIV/AIDS: The Creative Challenge, a project which is developing reflective discussion with field practitioners and policy makers on the value of cultural approaches to HIV and AIDS. The project has been developed by Creative Exchange in partnership with Exchange and UNESCO. It looks at how the cultural dimension can be more effectively factored into HIV and AIDS communication programmes, which are often the area in which culture is most visible and effective."

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