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Response Beyond Borders
The Second Asian Consultation on the Prevention of HIV Related to Drug Use: 21st - 23rd January 2010 Bangkok, Thailand
2010, 24 pp
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"Response Beyond Borders is thankful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through Mainline Foundation, The World Bank, UNICEF, UNAIDS, WHO and Open Society Institute for their support."


"The Second Asian consultation on HIV related to drug use was held in Bangkok in January 2010. The event, managed by Response Beyond Borders - a consortium of civil society organization responding to poverty, drug use and HIV and AIDS in Asia - brought together parliamentarians, government representatives, representatives from a!ected communities and civil society from 22 countries."

The themes of the Second Asian Consultation are:
"1. To articulate a coherent response to the unacceptable position of compulsory drug dependence treatment and consequent abuse which is widespread in Asia.
2. To call attention to the vulnerabilities of the hidden population of wives and intimate partners of men who use drugs, and their children.
3. To accentuate the lack of a strategic approach, understanding or consistent response to the exponential expansion of drug use and HIV vulnerability among poor, often homeless young people across Asia.
4. To support the Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) to provide a representative platform and opportunities to voice the concerns of a!ected populations.
5. To provide technical support to the newly formed parliamentary Standing Committee on HIV and Harm Reduction."

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