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Cook, Michele R.
Beyond Borders: Migration and the Affects of HIV/AIDS on Southeast Asian Children & Youth - Child-Centred Care and Support Guidelines for Community-Based Organisations
ICAD - Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development, n/d, 110 pp

This document is a collaborative project between The Institute for Child Rights and Development and The Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development.


"These community guidelines are designed to:

1. Assist agencies in developing holistic responses to the affects of HIV/AIDS on children and youth. They target the situation of vulnerable children in SE Asia in four phases of migration with respect to HIV/AIDS and provide concrete strategies to address children’s vulnerability;

2. Empower community field workers, local government representatives, and young people to support children and youth infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, and their families and communities by using a rights-based approach that stresses the importance of families and communities in all aspects of the child’s life;

3. Provide field workers with the tools and strategies to engage children (and their families and communities) to become active participants in building solutions;

4. Outline methods to build on cultural values supporting children in order to bring about the political and social changes needed to ensure that each child is allowed to live a safe and fulfilling life with dignity; and

5. Create a “continuum of care and support” that develops a stronger civic response in supporting vulnerable children and youth."

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