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Haritavorn, Niphattra
Life Beyond the Norm: Voices of Women Injecting Drug Users
2008, 64 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of Niphattra Haritavorn


"Women who use drugs in Thailand have lived in a world where their truths and lived experiences have been hidden. The study of the intersections between drugs, sexuality, and gender remains largely under-developed. Information on women drug users’ perception of risk is critical for effective treatment and HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns. Most research and work has focused on the overall IDU population rather than the female population more specifically.

Our objective is to use this book as the “starting point” to gain the participation of women who use drugs, which will lead to further work in the future. This book aims to establish a sense of “belonging.” The key informants helped the researcher to review the interview question; to recruit other informants; and to cross-check the data. We hope that this work will represent the voice and picture of women drug users in Bangkok and that the results will lead to new models of programming for women who use drugs."

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