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UNAIDS - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
Joint Reviews of National AIDS Responses: A Guidance Paper
Description of Work
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UNAIDS, Geneva, November 2008, 24 pp
978 92 9 173735 2

"What is this Guidance Paper about? This Paper sets out the rationale for Joint Reviews. It underlines the principles that should govern these reviews, outlines their scope and objectives, and the links to other HIV-related review processes. Specifically, it offers broad guidance for planning, implementing, and following up on joint reviews that can be adapted and tailored to different contexts.

It is therefore primarily about the issues in and the process of carrying out comprehensive joint reviews and ensuring that the findings are used to inform more effective and efficient programmes aligned with national processes and the priorities of countries towards universal access. It may also usefully serve as an advocacy tool for promoting joint reviews as standard activities within national strategic HIV programming cycles.

It complements, but does not substitute for, detailed technical guidance on reviews of discrete aspects and elements of a national response, be they treatment and prevention programmes, or management and operational issues.

Who is the Paper addressed to? The Guidance Paper can be used by any entities and individuals with responsibility for planning, managing, implementing and evaluating HIV-specific or HIV-related programmes and projects at national as well as district or community levels."

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