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Kambou, Sarah, Jessica Ogden, Linda Sussman and Hema Swaminathan
Women and HIV in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Development Practitioner's Guide
UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo, Colombo, December 2008, 182 pp

"The lead authors provided invaluable contribution to the writing of this report. In particular, we would like to gratefully acknowledge: Sarah Kambou, Jessica Ogden and Linda Sussman from International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) global and Hema Swaminathan from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, on updates and editing support.

The guide benefited from excellent specific contributions which were received from: James Lang for the chapter on involving men and boys, Wing Sei for the chapter on HIV and education, Véronique Maeva Fages for the chapter on HIV and Women in conflict areas, Kazuyuki Uji for the section on HIV, women, migration and trafficking, Caitlin Wiesen and Revati Chawla for the chapter on women’s inheritance and property rights, Jenny Butler, Garimela Giridhar, and Chaiyos for the section on HIV, sex work and women’s reproductive and sexual rights."

Reproduced with the kind permission of UNDP Regional HIV & Development Programme for Asia & the Pacific.


"This guide is intended for development practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region who are committed to taking meaningful action to reduce the HIV vulnerabilities women face and empower women to cope with the impact of the epidemic. It covers specific ways in which gender imbalances and gender-related injustices fuel the epidemic. The Guide offers evidence-based suggestions for policy and programmatic direction, and examples of promising practices from around the region to inspire thinking and trigger more effective responses on the ground."

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