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Overs, Cheryl
Sex Work and the New Era of HIV Prevention and Care
Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers, n/d, 76 pp

"The material in this resource was written and collated by Cheryl Overs and Andrew Hunter with support from Khartini Slamah, Chutchai Kongmont and Melina Afzal. Thanks also to Dr Bebe Loff and APNSW member groups for their contributions to the text and to the International HIV/Aids Alliance and the Open Society Institute for their financial support."


"HIV prevention and care has advanced significantly since the outset of the global pandemic in the 1980s. Understanding of HIV has grown and science has made important breakthroughs that have led to new and better prevention methods and more effective treatment. Recently there has been rapid progress and many new medications, products and procedures are being tested and becaoming available. At the same time important changes in laws and policies are taking place and healthcare and other services are provided by a changing mix of donors, clinics, governments, NGOs and civil society groups.

The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APSNW) recognises the important potential of these developments to affect male female and transgender sex workers. In 2006 we partnered with the Global Campaign for Microbicides to conduct a meeting entitled “Sex Work and the Changing Landscape of HIV Prevention.”

At that meeting a recommendation was passed that the APNSW help its members to learn more about the emerging prevention methods, biomedical research and new policy directions and advocate for approaches that will benefit sex workers.

Many HIV agencies and civil society groups are already considering the impact of new prevention and care methods and planning to incorporate them into their programs and policies. Large organisations have staff to work on this but smaller ones who are struggling with their daily work can find it difficult to monitor emerging issues. This publication is for the many sex work projects in that situation."

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