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Chakrapani, Venkatesan, Peter A Newman and Robert Dubrow
Policy Brief: Barriers to Free Antiretroviral Treatment Access for Marginalized Groups in India: Policy and Programmatic Implications to Ensure Equity
INP+ - Indian Network for People Living with HIV, Chennai, 30 November 2008, 16 pp
Url DL_Research_1_Policy_Brief_ART_Equity_Nov30_08_VC.pdf

"To address inequities in ART access for marginalized groups, it is crucial to identify their different needs and the different constraints they face when trying to access ART (i.e., why some groups are excluded more than others) and to design interventions accordingly... In this policy brief, we summarize findings from a qualitative study that explored barriers faced by marginalized communities - FSWs, IDUs, MSM and Aravanis (local Tamil language term for Hijras/transgender women...) - in accessing free ART from government centers. In addition, we discuss key policy and programmatic implications of the study for ensuring equitable access to ART for these groups."

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