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IPPF, UNFPA, WHO, UNAIDS, GNP+, ICW and Young Positives
Rapid Assessment Tool for Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV Linkages: A Generic Guide
IPPF, UNFPA, WHO, UNAIDS, GNP+, ICW and Young Positives, London, February 2009, 88 pp
Url rapid_assesment_2009.pdf

"This guide was produced thanks to the experience, ideas and input of many different people and organizations.

The key contributors were:

• IPF : Kevin Osborne
• UNFPA : Lynn Collins, Florence Ebanyat
• WHO: Laura Guarenti, Sarah Johnson, Michael Mbizvo, Seipaiti Mothesbesoane-Anoh, Peter Weis
• UNAID S: Karusa Kiragu
• GNP +: Christoforos Mallouris
• Young Positives: Raoul Fransen – dos Santos"


"This generic tool covers a broad range of linkages issues, such as policy, systems and services. By design, it aims to provide a guide for assessing linkages that can be adapted as needed to regional or national contexts based on a number of factors. Countries are encouraged to review the questions and the scope of the assessment and modify it according to the local situation.

The objective of this adaptable tool is to assess HIV and SRH bi-directional linkages at the policy, systems and service-delivery levels. It is intended also to identify gaps, and ultimately
contribute to the development of country-specific action plans to forge and strengthen these linkages. While this tool focuses primarily on the health sector it can be adapted to cover other sectors (education, social services, and labour)."

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