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Papua New Guinea - Australia Transport Sector Support Program
HIV and AIDS Strategy and Plan
April 2008, 41 pp
Url TSSP_HIV_STRATEGY_Final_2%20June%2008.pdf

Supported by the Australian Government - AusAID


"The primary goal of the TSSP HIV and AIDS Strategy is to support TSSP counterpart agencies in developing strategies and plans that assist the GoPNG reduce the spread of HIV and promote support for those already infected and increase awareness. There have been a number of HIV initiatives already generating forward movement in addressing the HIV epidemic and the TSSP HIV and AIDS Strategy aims to learn from and build upon these activities.

The TSSP HIV and AIDS Strategy therefore aims to encourage and support GoPNG transport infrastructure sector agencies to:
• Reflect on core business and corporate planning
• Consider how the transport infrastructure sector has the potential to contribute to the spread of HIV
and AIDS
• Determine how agencies within and across the sector could work to address the threat of HIV and
• Promote awareness of HIV and AIDS for transport infrastructure sector workers
• Implement workplace policies that protect and support sector workers."

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