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Maher, Jo
Equal Sharing of Responsibilities Between Men and Women, Including Care-giving in the Context of HIV/AIDS
United Nations, Geneva, 6-9 October 2008, 14 pp

"This discussion paper was developed by UNAIDS, UNIFEM and partners at the request of the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women as a background document for the expert panel meeting on the equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men, including caregiving in the context of HIV and AIDS to be held in Geneva, Switzerland 6 - 9 October 2008. Its purpose is to present key issues for discussion with regard to caregiving in the context of AIDS and the gender dimensions of caregiving, highlighted in paragraph 25 of the Aide Memoire prepared by the UN Division for the Advancement of Women Expert Panel Meeting...The burden of care on AIDS affected households, and in particular on women and girls, is a major concern in the AIDS-affected societies. While promoting the equal sharing of caregiving responsibilities between women and men could reduce the burden of care on women and girls, redistribution of care between members of poor households would not sufficiently alleviate the often debilitating burden of care at the household level. Such approaches must be part of broader long term national strategies to reduce the overall impact of AIDS on affected households and communities."

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