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Israel, Ellen, Carlos Laudari and Cecilia Simonetti
HIV Prevention Among Vulnerable Populations: The Pathfinder International Approach
Description of Work
Pathfinder International Technical Guidance Series Number 6
Pathfinder International, June 2008, 45 pp

"Based on several thorough situational assessments of the levels of individual, programmatic, and social vulnerability in which they [sex workers, men who have sex with other men, and injecting drug users] live, effective HIV prevention strategies for these groups should integrate three key elements: 1) identify, develop, and pursue effective interventions that promote individual behavior and social change; 2) guarantee equal access to comprehensive quality health services; and 3) promote respect of fundamental human rights. This technical guidance offers insight and suggestions for designing such programs. It recognizes that vulnerability itself must be understood - especially of the groups addressed - followed by practical action planning and intervention based on that understanding. It requires the full participation and guidance of each of these groups. Such a client-centered approach to prevention is an urgent priority within the anti-AIDS movement."

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