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WHO - World Health Organization HIV/AIDS Department
Priority Interventions: HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in the Health Sector
WHO, Geneva, August 2008, 128 pp
978 92 4 159696 1

"Priority interventions: HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care in the health sector defines the essential interventions the health sector should deliver and provides key references as well as links to web-based resources. This initial version of the document will be further adapted and finalized in coming weeks, and will be published in print format as well as electronically, to be then updated on a regular basis as a “living document”. The document provides WHO’s best attempt to assemble and package normative advice for the health sector concerning the essential response to HIV/AIDS. We hope it will prove useful for all those who work in the health sector, whatever their capacity, as they confront the realities of HIV/AIDS throughout the world."

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