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UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
Men Who Have Sex with Men, HIV Prevention and Care: Report of a UNAIDS Stakeholder Consultation
Description of Work
Geneva, 10-11 November 2005
UNAIDS, Geneva, 10-11 November 2005, 20 pp

"In mid-2005, the UNAIDS policy position paper on Intensifying HIV Prevention was endorsed by the Programme Coordinating Board. It offers a comprehensive response to undertaking HIV prevention in the context of treatment scale-up. The paper addresses the needs of minority populations and especially vulnerable groups as well as the population more generally. However, it does not specify in detail the policy and programmatic actions that need to be undertaken when working with different groups.

This UNAIDS stakeholder meeting aimed to add detail to the actions necessary with respect to the situation, circumstances and needs of men who have sex with men. The overall goal was to identify successful and promising practices in HIV prevention with different groups of men who have sex with men based on work to date. A related goal lay in identifying work that still needs to be undertaken to strengthen international, national and local responses."

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