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Castleman, Tony, Megan Deitchler and Alison Tumilowicz
A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of Nutrition Assessment, Education and Counseling of People Living with HIV
Description of Work
Food and Nutrition Technical Assistence Project, Academy for Educational Development
USAID - United States Agency for International Development, Washington, DC, June 2008, 55 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of USAID.


"This guide provides guidance and tools to support programs in monitoring and evaluating NAEC for PLHIV. It is designed for use by program managers, M&E officers and other program and government health system staff who are responsible for designing and implementing M&E systems. The guidance can be used to select indicators that are feasible and appropriate for program activities, set targets, plan data collection and tabulation processes and interpret and use the information obtained. The data collection tools at the end of this guide can be used to collect data to measure the indicators selected or can be adapted to specific program requirements and record-keeping systems."

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