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Chong, Erica, Kelly Hallman and Martha Brady
Investing When It Counts - Generating the Evidence Base for Policies and Programmes for Very Young Adolescents: Guide and Tool Kit
UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund and Population Council, New York, 2006, 75 pp
# 0-89714-769-3

"This guide is intended to be helpful to anyone who plans, manages, implements, monitors, or funds research or programmes that involve gathering information about adolescents aged 10–14. Although no consensus on “good practises” in research methodologies and information-gathering techniques has been reached, we hope that this guide will provide information of practical use in building the knowledge base and continuing the dialogue. Research methodologies must be tailored to particular communities and cultural sensitivities, and researchers must work closely with community members in planning and executing the research, disseminating results, and developing responses based on results. Although this guide was written with the development of HIV/AIDS programmes for young adolescents in mind, the approaches described below can be used for programmes designed to address any number of issues that threaten the health and well-being of this group, including early and unwanted pregnancy, violence, substance abuse, and female genital cutting.

Note: The guide does not provide training on the methodologies it describes; rather it offers a selection of possibilities. Training is required in order to use the tools described adequately. Furthermore, the guide does not offer direction concerning how the information gleaned from these approaches can be used to inform, improve, or evaluate projects, which requires a close tailoring to context and project objectives."

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