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Green, Kimberly, Robert McPherson, Masami Fujita, Ying-Ru Lo, Chawalit Natpratan, Eric van Praag, Laurie Gulaid and Chris Parker
Scaling Up the Continuum of Care for People Living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific: A Toolkit for Implementers
FHI - Family Health International, Bangkok, 2007, 126 pp

Reproduced with the Family Health International's kind permission.


"As global capacity regarding the HIV epidemic and resources to combat it have expanded, policy-makers and practitioners have begun to promote a more integrated, comprehensive response to PLHIV needs for care, treatment and support. Some countries in the region have developed a strategy for organizing and providing these services known as the Continuum of Care (CoC). The CoC is defined as a network of linked, coordinated care, treatment and support services for HIV that are provided by collaborating organizations. The CoC network consists of both the services themselves as well as the overarching coordination framework that makes the CoC stronger and more effective than the sum of the individual services. The CoC creates linkages between services provided in homes, communities and institutions and thus improves the access of PLHIV to the services they need. The CoC is tailored to meet local needs and circumstances and therefore takes a unique form in each location where it is introduced."

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