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NACO - National AIDS Control Organisation
Link Worker Scheme Operational Guidelines
NACO, New Delhi, October 2007, 94 pp
Url Link%20Worker%20Scheme%20Operational%20Guidelines.pdf

"The Link Worker Scheme proposed under National AIDS Control Programme III has been designed specifically to address populations with highrisk behaviours (including High Risk Groups and Bridge Populations) with the premise that there are significant numbers in rural areas and we needs to be reach out to them in order to saturate the coverage of these groups. In addition the Scheme will cover young people.

The Operational Guidelines for the Link Worker Scheme have been designed to help the key functionaries of SACS, DAPCU and NGO in implementing the Scheme. The Guidelines present the framework for what to implement and how to implement. In preparing these Guidelines, thought has been given to Statespecific variations in capacities and needs that may influence the rollout of the Scheme. Implementers are urged to conceptualise the ‘how’ part to best respond to the risks and vulnerability patterns specific to their State and Districts.

These operational guidelines are supplemented by the Training Manual, Handbook and Job Aids, which are intended to strengthen the rollout of the Scheme at different levels."

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