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WHO - World Health Organization HIV Department
Prioritizing Second-Line Antiretroviral Drugs for Adults and Adolescents: a Public Health Approach - Report of a WHO Working Group Meeting
WHO, Geneva, 21-22 May 2007, 43 pp

"Antiretroviral therapy has dramatically improved the survival of HIV infected individuals and is critically needed to save millions of lives. As resource-limited countries rapidly expand their HIV/AIDS treatment programmes, increasingly countries are faced with the need to make second-line ART regimens available. The 2006 WHO ARV treatment guidelines outline the strategic approaches that should inform updated national treatment guidelines for first- and second-line therapies, and outline which agents should be considered for use in first line and second line. National programmes, however, are requesting additional operational guidance on the composition of their 2nd line ART formularies based on programmatic efficiencies and costs. As the ARV formulary is generally limited in developing countries, there is an increasing and urgent need for principles and criteria by which to prioritize ARV options.Regulatory bodies both nationally and internationally (e.g. the WHO pre-qualification project) are also requesting guidance on how to select the most needed therapeutic ARV agents for rapid appraisal. WHO therefore convened an expert meeting to review the scientific evidence and programmatic data available, in order to develop guidance for national programmes, regulatory authorities and implementing partners on selection, prioritization and planning for second-line ARV drugs."

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