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National HIV/AIDS Support Project (NHASP)
Situational Analysis for Strategic Planning at District Level: Sandaun Province (West Sepik)
Social Mapping Project
October 2004, 62 pp

"The goal of this project was to collect and consolidate data in order to create a social map of Sandaun Province. The report is based on data collected by the teams and District Plans produced by the Sandaun Provincial Government. These contain information about the geography, demography, health, education and economy of the different districts. Data has also been collected from the Department of Health and the National Census 2000.

The social mapping teams collected data through interviews with people in rural communities, with members of schools, churches and health services. This data helps construct a map of living conditions, people’s understanding of HIV/AIDS and aspects influencing the development of the disease. The data should also provide information on factors stopping people from taking HIV/AIDS prevention measures, risk behaviour other than sex work and work migration, and the impact of the HIV/AIDS campaign.

The focus of this social mapping is Sandaun Province. Similar kinds of social maps have been or will be made of all provinces in the nation. By constructing social maps of the provinces in Papua New Guinea, and by compiling existing and relevant data for each district we will have a number of ‘portraits’ showing the situation in each province and, when taken together, the whole nation.

Information and data collected through the social mapping will assist NAC, Government Departments and other agents in their future planning on HIV/AIDS prevention strategies."

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