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HelpAge International
Stronger Together: Supporting the Vital Role Played by Older People in the Fight Against the HIV and AIDS Pandemic
HelpAge International, London, November 2007, 8 pp

"More than 40 million people worldwide are living with HIV and AIDS.1 The number of children orphaned stands at more than 15 million and is forecast to rise to 24 million by 2010.2 It is older people, particularly grandmothers, who are shouldering most of the huge emotional and financial burden as carers. Yet their vital role is going unrecognised. Older carers’ strength and resilience are being put to the test and they are not getting the support they need, either in social protection, healthcare or information. This must change urgently if the exacerbating relationship between HIV, AIDS and poverty is to be broken.
HelpAge International is calling for a major shift in the response to HIV and AIDS, one that includes older people and addresses their needs and caring responsibilities directly, through social protection and through HIV prevention, care and treatment services."

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