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The World Bank
HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, and Food Security: What We Can Do - A Synthesis of International Guidance
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington, DC, 2007, 83 pp
Url HIVAIDSNutritionFoodSecuritylowres.pdf

"Many organizations have produced excellent state-of-the art papers and guidelines on different technical aspects of nutrition responses to HIV and AIDS, but the materials have not necessarily found their way into the work and resource allocations of national HIV and AIDS commissions or secretariats or other national partners, in the public sector or elsewhere. Moreover, many of these materials do not focus exclusively on the nutritionally relevant aspects of prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. Information has been somewhat scattered across and within various documents. Thus a synthesis of existing technical guidance on HIV and AIDS, nutrition, and food security was seen as a valuable contribution to efforts to integrate nutrition projects and programs for HIV and AIDS.
With funding from the Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP), the World Bank initiated a wide consultative process to produce such a synthesis, to collate and summarize existing technical knowledge and guidance at global and regional levels. The synthesis aims to provide decisionmakers and service providers, especially those who design and manage programs, with guidance on how nutrition may be integrated into HIV prevention and AIDS treatment. A main purpose of the synthesis is to provide guidance to national AIDS programs in Sub-Saharan Africa (especially those supported through the World Bank Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Program, or MAP, projects). Therefore, the document was developed and field-tested for use in the Africa region. However, most of the recommendations draw on international guidelines and should also be applicable in other HIV-affected regions in the world where public resources are constrained."

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