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APLF - Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV/AIDS and Development
Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV/AIDS and Development (APLF) Work Plan 2003-2005 (Revised September 2003)
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, September 2003, 12 pp

"In early 2003, through strategic guidance provided by the UNAIDS Executive, it was agreed to develop the APLF work plan further with an emphasis on targeting all types and levels of leadership and a focus on supporting leadership for change at a country level. As part of this process, groundwork visits were made to a number of APLF target countries and an APLF Stakeholders consultation organised in Bangkok in July 2003. This consultation involved UNAIDS Country Coordinators from throughout the region, the UNAIDS Intercountry Teams in Southeast Asia and the Pacific and South Asia, regional and national cosponsors, donors representatives and representatives from civil society. The consultation agreed upon the goal and guiding principles for APLF, the overall APLF work plan as well as the outline for sub-regional and country-level APLF work plans. The work plans have been further refined following the consultation and form the basis of the work plan described in this document. The APLF is an evolving process and this work plan is part of this evolution."

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