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Kaplan, Karyn and Rebecca Schleifer
Deadly Denial: Barriers to HIV/AIDS Treatment for People Who Use Drugs in Thailand
Description of Work
Volume 19, No. 17(c)
Human Rights Watch; TTAG - Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group, © November 2007, 61 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of Human Rights Watch.


"Thailand, globally regarded as an HIV/AIDS response “success story” for its aggressive HIV prevention programs and efforts to provide universal access to HIV treatment, has failed to prevent or treat HIV among those at the highest risk of infection and on whom the disease continues to have the most devastating impact—people who use drugs. For two decades, injecting drug users have suffered Thailand's highest HIV prevalence and benefited little from its programs…
Thailand must take prompt and forceful action to address the systematic violations of human rights against people who use drugs and prisoners by law enforcement and health care providers, as well as the widespread prejudices by government and civil society against them. Failure to do so violates Thailand’s constitutional and international obligations and encourages the course of its AIDS epidemic among some of Thailand’s most marginalized."

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