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WHO/WPRO - World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Sexually Transmitted Infections Prevalence Study Methodology: Guidelines for the Implementation of STI Prevalence Surveys
WHO - World Health Organization, Manila, 1999, 46 pp
92 9061 150 2
Url STI_Prevalence_Study_Methodology.pdf

"The Western Pacific Regional Office of the World Health Organization would like to thank the principal contributor to this manual, Dr. L Sullivan, and the reviewers, Mr. M Law and Ms. J Kuyper."


"This protocol provides a framework for conducting an STI prevalence study. Generally this type of study attempts to target several population subgroups from within the community who are characterized by different behavioural and risk profiles. Examples of such subgroups are female sex workers, military recruits and pregnant women. Studies of this type are limited in that they do not represent all major population groups and so will not be a true prevalence study of STI pathogens. However, if used within these limitations these studies provide valuable data on the prevalence of selected STI in the studied populations. This data can be used for planning, refining STI case management programmes, and revising disease prevalence estimates for population subgroups.

This protocol describes a standardized survey methodology. This protocol uses a simple, reliable and reproducible study design that can be widely used and implemented at the local level. This prevalence study is designed to collect limited basic demographic information and clinical specimens for laboratory testing of STI. To simplify the study protocol, no risk factor or behavioural questions have been included. The principal investigator in each setting should modify the protocol to suit local needs and capacity."

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