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Rehle, Thomas, Tobi Saidel, Stephen Mills and Robert Magnani
Evaluating Programs for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care in Developing Countries: A Handbook for Program Managers and Decision Makers
FHI - Family Health International, Arlington, n/d, 274 pp

"This handbook has been funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Family Health International's Implementing AIDS Prevention and Care (IMPACT) Project, Cooperative Agreement HRN-A-00-97-00017-00."

Reproduced with the kind permission of Family Health International.


"This Handbook is intended to fill an important unmet need in the field. Evaluating HIV prevention and care programs so that they can promote a high level of quality and effectiveness - even in resource-limited settings - is its subject. Just as substantial progress has been made in developing effective interventions in recent years, so have appropriate methodologies, strategies, and indicators for the evaluation of these programs been honed and sharpened. Evaluating Programs for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care in Developing Countries brings together the combined experience of collaborations between scientists and program designers and implementers, universities and local community-based organizations, governments and private agencies - partnerships often hard won, but ones that have produced results."

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