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Mahendra, V.S., S. Pradhan, S. Swain, A. Nanda, S. Patnayk, S. Panda and R. Prasad
Intergenerational Communication on Sexuality and HIV/AIDS: Exploring Feasibility of Building Effective Youth-Adult Partnerships to Reduce HIV Vulnerabilities of the Young
Description of Work
Research Update
Population Council, New Delhi, April 2007, 2 pp

"The peer-based approach has been established as integral to sexual health and HIV prevention programmes for youth. However, in some settings, programme and policy directions have been hampered by adult beliefs of what young people should be permitted to know. Some recent projects show that working on changing the norms and beliefs of adults in the community facilitates work with youth. However, programme strategies remain 'ad-hoc' possibly because of a lack of clear and agreed upon set of conditions to suggest the need for as well as inform the design and implement an intergenerational approach. The proposed research aimed to address this gap by documenting existing patterns of and barriers to intergenerational communication on sexuality and HIV/AIDS as well as determine the felt need for it by both parents and young people. It will also provide information for designing interventions that promote effective youth-adult partnerships to address HIV risk."

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