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The Commonwealth Secretariat
The Commonwealth Secretariat HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework 2007-2009
Pro-Book Publishing Limited, London, 2007, 46 pp

"This document has been developed by the newly constituted HIV and AIDS Inter-Divisional Steering Committee following consultations within the Commonwealth Secretariat and with key partner agencies."

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Commonwealth Secretariat.


"This document provides a strategic framework for the Commonwealth Secretariat as it continues to address the pandemic of HIV and AIDS. It acts as a review of what has been achieved to date and as a focus for activities between 2007 and 2009.
It is aimed at all members of staff, in support of a comprehensive, multi-divisional and multidisciplinary approach to HIV and AIDS programming for the Commonwealth. It is intended as a guide for positioning HIV and AIDS in all the Secretariat’s activities so that a more co-ordinated, coherent and effective approach can be achieved.
The document also serves a broader readership by emphasising priorities, reviewing activities undertaken so far, noting key partnerships and outlining a direction for the future. In this way the document highlights the nature of the resources that the Commonwealth Secretariat has to offer. It is intended that this will alert partners and member governments to the many ways in which the Secretariat can contribute to the fight against HIV and AIDS."

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