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UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
EDUCAIDS: Towards a Comprehensive Education Sector Response - A Framework for Action
UNESCO, Paris, September 2006, 25 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of UNESCO.


"EDUCAIDS has two primary aims: to prevent the spread of HIV through education and to protect the core functions of the education system from the worst effects of the epidemic. EDUCAIDS seeks to support the overall national effort on HIV and AIDS by assisting governments and other key stakeholders to implement comprehensive, scaledup education programmes on HIV and AIDS, ensuring that the education sector is fully engaged and contributing to the national response to the epidemic. It also includes the establishment of good HIV and AIDS policies and programmes for education sector personnel."

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  • UNAIDS Inter Agency Task Team on Education, Education Sector Global HIV & AIDS Readiness Survey 2004: Policy Implications for Education & Development, ED-2006/WS/12, UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Paris, 2006, 66 pp. [ PDF File | Details... ]