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Iredale, Robyn, Zheng Zhenzhen and Sung Ho Ko
The Vulnerability of Migrants to HIV/AIDS in China and Mongolia
n/d, 21 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Asia Pacific Migration Research Network.


"Countries of North East Asia have experienced an increase in the number of migrants in recent years, both internal and international. Flows across borders, especially from the North Korea to China and often ultimately to the South Korea, or other parts of Asia, and between China, Mongolia and Russia, have escalated markedly in the last decade. South Korea has become an important destination for many migrant workers, including commercial sex workers.
Little is known, however, about either the vulnerabilities of migrant workers to HIV/AIDS or the incidence of HIV amongst migrant populations."

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  • UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, No Safety Signs Here: Research Study on Migration and HIV Vulnerability from Seven South and North East Asian Countries, Asia Pacific Migration Research Network, United Nations Development Programme, November 2004, 149 pp. [ PDF File | Details... ]