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India HIV/AIDS Alliance and Tata Institute of Social Science
A Situational Analysis of Child-headed Households and Community Foster Care in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh States, India: A Study Conducted by India HIV/AIDS Alliance and Tata Institute of Social Science
India HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2006, 58 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of India HIV/AIDS Alliance.


"The study was undertaken in the interventions sites of the India HIV/AIDS Alliance in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in collaboration with the lead partner NGOs VMM and PWDS. The study aimed at (i) analyzing the need for community foster care and identifying and assessing the options and constraints. It also sought to aid policy change to support the scaling-up of community foster care in the two States. With respect to child-headed households, the objectives were to conduct a situational analysis, document the needs and challenges faced by children and explore the related legal and policy issues."

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