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Katherine Lepani
First National Summit on HIV Prevention: Full Report on Summit and Recommendations April 2006
April 2006, 52 pp

"The Summit Report was initially drafted by Dr. Ninkama Moiya and Ms. Katherine Lepani, Chief Rapporteurs for the summit. The Summit was sponsored by the National AIDS Council PNG, UNAIDS, AusAID, PNG Sustainable Development Programme Limited, EU, NZAID, and ADB."
Reproduced with the kind permission of Ms. Katerhine Lepani and UNAIDS PNG.


"The Summit objectives were to examine the content, strategies, and nature of the ongoing efforts in HIV prevention in PNG and compare them to what is known from international experience about how best to control the spread of HIV in different local contexts. The outcome of the summit was a key set of recommendations that provide a direction forward for intensifying HIV prevention.
The Summit was organised around the following five main themes: Leadership and Advocacy in HIV Prevention; Managing the National Response: Challenges in implementing a Decentralised Response; Critical Issues in Education and Behaviour Change; Treatment, Care and Support in HIV Prevention; Need for an Evidence-Based National Response."

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