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Global HIV Prevention Working Group
Access to HIV Prevention: Closing the Gap
May 2003, 48 pp
Url May-2003-Access-to-HIV-Prevention-Closing-the-Gap-Report.pdf

"This report by the Global HIV Prevention Working Group provides, for the first time, a region-by-region analysis of gaps in access to HIV prevention interventions, examines current spending levels versus projected need, and recommends funding and programmatic activities to avert 29 million of the 45 million new HIV infections projected between 2002 and 2010.
The Working Group's analysis of global HIV prevention funding finds that annual spending from all sources in 2002 was $3.8 billion short of what will be needed by 2005. The report also finds that access to proven prevention interventions is extremely limited, and highly variable, depending on region and the intervention."

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