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National AIDS Control Organization, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (NACP - III) Government of India
Infection Control and Waste Management Plan for National AIDS Control Program
July 2006, 45 pp

"The National AIDS Control Program Phase III (NACP-III, 2006-2011), aims to support the Government of India in achieving its goal of halting and reversing the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2011 through integration of prevention and care, support and treatment programs. It has set itself an ambitious timeframe in proposing to achieve the target of halting and reversing its HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2011 (instead of 2015), but the program is very much seen as part of a longer term plan to realize the 6th Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and complete the long term reform agenda by 2015.
Provision of preventative and treatment services under the NACP-III is expected to generate infectious bio-medical wastes such as sharps (infected needles and syringes, surgical equipment, IV sets) infected blood, HIV test kits used in VCT centers, blood banks and laboratories and pharmaceutical wastes. These wastes, if not managed and disposed properly, can have direct environmental and public health implications. Healthcare workers (HCWs) are at great risk as most blood-borne occupational infections occur through injuries from sharps contaminated with blood through accidents or unsafe practices. Systematic management of such clinical waste from source to disposal is therefore integral to prevention of infection and control of the epidemic."

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