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Gill, Bates
Assessing HIV/AIDS Initiatives in China: Persistent Challenges and Promising Ways Forward
A Report of the CSIS Task Force on HIV/AIDS
Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C., June 2006, 53 pp

Reproduced with the Center for Strategic and International Studies's kind permission.


"Despite major increases in new resources, the establishment of new programs, and an unambiguous shift in the central government's stance toward dealing with the disease, significant gaps in capabilities and policies exist and formidable challenges lie ahead... A more comprehensive, coordinated, and concerted national and international response to China's HIV/AIDS challenge is still at a relatively early stage. As this response expands and evolves, many "best practices" and innovative strategies have emerged. Five key programs have demonstrated some preliminary success and, if expanded in a coordinated and effective way, will have a significant impact on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in China... This research focused most heavily on prevention efforts rather than treatement (though recognizing that the presence and integration of both is absolutely necessary for overall success). Particular attention was devoted to international implementers and their partners on the premise that their experience time-tested and innovative strategies, technologies, and productive practices that would hold promise for the broader national response, especially as they are translated into real local capacity on the ground in China. This report highlights the findings and observations from this research."

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