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BMZ - German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
In Partnership Against the Pandemic: Germany's Cooperation with Developing Countries in Response to HIV/AIDS
A Policy Paper of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Division of "Development Education and Information", Bonn, October 2004, 25 pp

"German development policy has taken up... International duties and challenges, especially within the context of fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals. The objective of Germany's support in the fight against HIV/AIDS is to contribute towards reducing the number of new infections worldwide through initiatives to promote prevention and to allow people living with an infection to lead an active life with treatment as long as possible, as well as to reduce the physical and socio-economic effects of the AIDS pandemic on individuals, communities and states. Germany's action programme 2015, "The contribution of the German government towards reducing extreme worldwide poverty by half", has included the fight against HIV/AIDS as an important intervention area in the fight to reduce poverty. This highlights the inseperable relationship of the two Millennium Development Goals covering the reduction of poverty and the fight against HIV/AIDS... The importance of this challenge demands a corressponding structure in German development co-operation policy. German activities are therefore aligned not only according to qualitative improvement of direct HIV/AIDS interventions in co-operating countries. Rather, the fight against HIV/AIDS is seen much more as including all sectors necessary for development, a strategy known as "mainstreaming" the response to AIDS. German development programmes thus operate simultaneously at various levels."

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