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National HIV/AIDS Support Project (NHASP)
Assessment of the Counselling and Care Training Program
National AIDS Council PNG, April 2006, 51 pp
Url Assessment_of_Counselling_and_Care_Training_Oct061.pdf

"Component 2 (C2) is the Counselling, Care and Support (CC&S) arm of the PNG National HIV AND AIDS Support Project (NHASP) which supports PNG’s national and provincial
responses to HIV and AIDS. A major output of C2 is two key training packages: Introduction to HIV Training and Introduction to Counselling Training. This report attests that C2 has been successful in building provincial capacity to respond to HIV and AIDS. Critical to the success of C2 has been the ability to build linkages to committed partner organisations and the development of a national training structure to support CC&S workers. Building on initial efforts to introduce HIV AND AIDS training, and the early achievements of C2, the report demonstrates C2’s capacity to incorporate lessons learned from within the NHASP framework and from outside agencies. This can be attributed to the extensive consultative process undertaken by C2 to assess the effectiveness and impact
of activities."

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