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Impact Assessment Unit, ActionAid
Nurturing a Community-based Response: A Special Report on the Impact of ActionAid's HIV/AIDS Work During 1998
August 1999, 32 pp

Reproduced with ActionAid's kind permission.


"This report shows that ActionAid is now widely recognised as having particular expertise in the area of HIV/AIDS work, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. ActionAid’s work differs from that of other international NGOs because it concentrates on promoting a community response to HIV/AIDS. Seeing the real long-term success of ActionAid’s work therefore requires an ability to assess behaviour change. This is complex at the best of times, but when we are talking about sexual behaviour it is particularly difficult. Attributing such changes to the work of one local organisation or to a set of activities carried out by ActionAid is equally problematic. Despite the difficulties (and often the absence of corroborative information from different stakeholder groups) it is clear from the evidence available that some degree of change is occurring. These changes can be identified at several levels - the individual, the community, the national and the international. This report analyses the outcome, impacts and influence of ActionAid’s work at these four levels. In conclusion, it shows that ActionAid’s HIV/AIDS work is innovative and is having some localised impact. ActionAid needs to capitalise on the strength of this work and continue to develop its HIV/AIDS programme by continuing to try to influence key Northern and Southern institutions to take effective action to the AIDS pandemic."

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