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Department of Transport, Papua New Guinea
Department of Transport HIV and AIDS Workplace Policy
September 2006, 18 pp

"The Department of Transport is a key Government Institution which conforms will all government policies and procedures and is therefore required to implement such policies in order to achieve its goals, objectives and key performance indicators. One very important issue that the Department of Transport is addressing is the HIV and AIDS epidemic that is gripping Papua New Guinea at a fast growing rate and affecting the workforce in both the private and public sectors. The Department of Transport recognizes the seriousness of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and its impact in the work place and on the work force and therefore supports the national efforts to reduce the spread of infection and minimize the impact of the disease. The Government is providing leadership in the fight against HIV and AIDS through the National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2006-2010. The Department of Transport is contributing to this fight through the HIV and AIDS Prevention Committee, established within our organization. This Committee has been very active establishing HIV and AIDS Notice Boards in many of our offices, distributes, makes available pamphlets, organises information and awareness programs in Port Moresby and many of our Regional Offices, has installed condom dispensers in Port Moresby and Regional Offices, has arranged for the regular supply of condoms and displays HIV and AIDS stickers on all Departmental vehicles. We have now moved a step further by developing this Work Place Policy on HIV and AIDS. The Work Place Policy on HIV and AIDS sets direction for the Department of Transport inline with the HIV and AIDS Management and Prevention Act (2003), the General Orders and other government policies covering Equal Employment Opportunities and Occupational Health and Safety."

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