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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Looking Back to Move Forward
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, April 2004, 67 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.


"The International HIV/AIDS Alliance is ten years old. In honour of this 10th anniversary, Alliance staff and partners from all of its programme countries came together with secretariat staff at a two-day workshop. Participants at the workshop shared and reviewed the experiences of the Alliance and its partners in prevention, care, integrated approaches and scaling up community action. From this review, they identified critical lessons and recommendations on enhancing and expanding community action on HIV/AIDS. These lessons and recommendations were taken forwards to a one-day roundtable meeting. The roundtable convened a group of international peer organisations, policy makers and development assistance representatives to meet with Alliance staff and partners. Participants at the roundtable meeting considered the challenges of, and lessons from, community action on HIV/AIDS and supporting and scaling up the global response to the epidemic. The roundtable concluded by discussing policy challenges and priorities for supporting communities to reduce the spread of HIV and to mitigate the impact of AIDS. This report summarises and synthesises the highlights and conclusions from both the workshop and roundtable."

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