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HIV Vaccines: What Do They Mean to HIV Education?
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, April 1999, 5 pp

Reproduced with AFAO's kind permission.


"Debates about HIV vaccines are currently back on the national agenda. The very existence of these debates is going to create education issues that HIV educators will need to address. Vaccine trials themselves are being proposed for Australia, for late 1999. The existence of vaccine trials in Australia will also have impacts that HIV educators need to address. These many impacts - of a vaccine debate, and of vaccine trials - will occur at individual and community levels, and will also affect broader public perceptions of the HIV epidemic. The purpose of this briefing paper is to point to some of the potential effects of a vaccine discourse and vaccine trials, and highlight what they will mean to HIV education. This briefing paper is intended to prompt discussion amongst HIV educators, to spark new ideas about emerging issues and possible new directions."

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