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PATH; Save the Children
A Guide to Developing Materials on HIV/AIDS and STIs
PATH and Save the Children, Seattle, December 2003, 181 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of PATH and Save the Children.


"This guide offers step-by-step guidelines for developing accurate, useful, and actionoriented educational materials to meet the communication needs of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and care and support programs. Each chapter of this guide discusses a step in the materials development process in the context of developing a behavior change communication (BCC) strategy and program. It demonstrates the process of learning about target populations using qualitative research methodologies, developing effective messages with their input, and crafting visual messages to support the overall HIV and AIDS program. Involving target populations and stakeholders in the development process is key to ensuring high-quality, effective print and media materials. Finally, the guide outlines a process for rigorous pretesting to ensure that the information and issues are understood by the population groups that programs are trying to reach and influence."

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