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Foreman, Martin
Combat AIDS: HIV and the World's Armed Forces
Healthlink Worldwide, London, 2002, 65 pp
0 907320 56 2

"Primarily, this publication focuses on young male soldiers serving in the armed forces. While we acknowledge that women serve in the armed forces, and that they too are at increased risk of contracting HIV or STIs, there is very little information available about their situation. Where possible, this
publication has attempted to examine female and child soldiers in the military, and to explore the particular difficulties that exist for them in what is traditionally and typically a male-dominated industry. However, further research is needed about these minority groups that exist within the military. This publication has not attempted to address some of the wider issues surrounding conflict and HIV, and instead has concentrated on the particular issues that affect soldiers and peacekeepers. Combat AIDS is intended to provide an overview for those seeking a basic understanding of the issues surrounding HIV prevention and care in the world’s armed forces, in the hope that it will facilitate further understanding and action."

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