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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Strategic Framework 2005-2007: Supporting Communities to Reduce the Spread of HIV and Meet the Challenges of AIDS
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Brighton, December 2004, 24 pp

Reproduced with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance's kind permission.


"The Alliance is made up of a system of linking organisations that reach out to work with communities where people are most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, or where they are most affected by it. These include key non-governmental organisations in developing countries, local offices set up by the Alliance, and the Alliance secretariat in Brighton. This strategic framework was written following extensive consultation with partners, donors and staff, and was endorsed by our board of trustees in November 2004. Because of the rapidly changing nature of the epidemic and the response, we decided on a three-year (2005-2007) framework rather than the more traditional four- or five-year time frame. This paper provides an overview of the aims and goals of all the Alliance organisations. Within the overall framework, each partner has its own strategic plan to contribute to our shared vision and mission. The primary purpose of the framework is to give the individuals responsible for making strategic decisions at the Alliance secretariat some direction, and to offer guidance to our country-based partner organisations and Alliance offices, without imposing inappropriate priorities on them. The framework is also intended to communicate our shared strategy to the external partners that support our work. Finally, we hope it will be useful to other organisations that want to achieve our vision, such as governments, private businesses, and other non-governmental organisations."

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