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Emerging Social Issues Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Information Kit: Mobilizing Responses to Fight HIV/AIDS in the Asian and the Pacific Region
UNESCAP, December 2005, 50 pp

Reproduced with UNESCAP's kind permission.


"It is now widely accepted that HIV/AIDS is a threat to social and economic development with serious implications not only for the health and well-being of individuals but also for productivity, economic development, the social fabric of communities and national security. HIV/AIDS therefore requires the full commitment of all sectors: public, private and civil society. What might an expanded response to HIV/AIDS, that extends beyond the health sector and calls for the mobilization of all societal resources to combat the disease, look like? A multisectoral approach to HIV/AIDS aims at mobilizing resources - financial and otherwise. Sector-wide approaches provide opportunities for integrated responses to HIV/AIDS, moving away from the traditional vertical approach that addresses HIV/AIDS as a disease specifi c (biomedical) or a narrowly-defi ned problem rather than incorporating poverty, development, nutrition, education and other prevalent factors that may help drive the epidemic. Mainstreaming is an effective way of implementing a multisectoral approach. Links between sectors can be created; prevention, care and treatment, as well as the impact of the epidemic on society can be addressed simultaneously. Ministers of health, education, finance, agriculture, transportation, defence, interior and other
fi elds could potentially address HIV/AIDS as an integral component of their respective portfolios. Institutions that address AIDS-related issues through mainstreaming are ensuring that every relevant activity they carry out has an AIDS component."

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