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Family Health International
Internal Evaluation Report 2000: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
USAID/Government of Indonesia, 2000, 162 pp

"HAPP is a bilateral partnership between the Government of Indonesia (GOI) and the USAID, being implemented by the Government through the Project Implementation Letter (FIL), by Family Health International (FHI) and by a Participating Agencies Service Agreement (PASA) with the CDC. A Completion Report and an Evaluation of HAPP (1996-2000) were stipulated in the original Project Contract. The Completion Report covers both the technical and non-technical standards. This evaluation focuses on Lessons Learned from the entire process of the Project's implementation and incorporates the perspectives of the different stakeholders, including the GOI, Department of Health, FHI, HAPYs various partners (NGOs and PVOs) and the different target audiences in the community) and does so within the religious and cultural norms of Indonesia. An attempt was made to make the evaluation process itself user-friendly, practical, participatory and consultative. It was primarily a self-evaluation being undertaken by FHI in association with HAPP staff, for a project planned and implemented by them. The evaluation was managed internally by FHI Jakarta, coordinated by the Country Director, using an Evaluation Team. The evaluation process consisted of a number of task-oriented teams who represented end users and stakeholders, including the GOI, HAPP Provincial staff, the Implementing Agencies (IAs), the community (end users), Komseni - the public relations company, universities and other research agencies and facilitators."

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